The Seals in Context: Medieval Wales and the Welsh Marches exhibition, hosted at the National Library in 2012, was one of the main outputs of the Seals in Medieval Wales project, an Aberystwyth University and Bangor University project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AH/G010994/1),which ran from 2009-12. The project team comprised Principal investigator, Phillipp Schofield; co-investigator, Sue Johns; Senior Research Officer, Elizabeth New, and Research Officer, John McEwan. The exhibition provided a first opportunity to share with a wider audience some of the exciting material gathered as part of the project, and the images are reproduced along with others here in this on-line exhibition. The images are linked to broad themes on this site but for a fuller discussion of the same relevant themes and the seals that help illustrate them, you are also encouraged to look at the associated publication which was produced to accompany the exhibition.

Paper copies of the volume are also available for purchase from the publisher.

Among the main questions addressed by both the project and the exhibition are:

  • Who used seals in medieval Wales and the Marches and in what contexts?
  • What was the range of motifs and words employed on medieval Welsh and Marcher seals?
  • How can seals add to our understanding of how medieval people thought about and presented themselves?
  • What do seals reveal about family and lineage, power and politics, economy and exchange, women and gender and religious life in medieval Wales and the Marches?